How to write an artist bio for a gallery of fine

Author bios often vary in length. Describe your works; what colors do you use, do you make large marks or small marks, or do you use blending so there are no visible marks at all?

Popular Culture What areas of the arts or popular culture does this artist incorporate into his or her work? It tells a reader at a glance what you have done in the past, whether it includes previous exhibitions, employment, awards, etc. When writing, some best practices are: Along the same lines, do NOT handwrite your statement.

As a plein air painter, it is always the light that I remember most about any location. Write your statement in your native language first, and then translate it.

Gauge the appropriate length. An artist bio is a delicate blend of rich information and brevity used to communicate the most useful information in a small amount of space. These are the three cornerstones—tried, tested, and used today by our writers at Artsy—of the perfect artist bio: This post is also available in: A thick card stock can be nice, but keep the paper white or off-white so that it is not too distracting from the content.

The images, that Mary takes on her walks in the landscape, are only part of the narrative. Context In what political or technological climate is the artist working in?

Artist Resume Sample

Add to your your exhibition press release. For more information on writing an artist statement, here is a good site: Your biography should give us just enough to get a sense of you and your work, and it should make us want to see the works.

Stay tuned for upcoming Gallery Insights editions, including Part 3 of our Art Fairs series, a special edition on selling to tech collectors, and a mini course on SEO for galleries.

Having grown up both next to the sea and in close proximity to two National Parks her love of the outdoors grew tremendously. Galleries and promotional websites often feature artist bios that you can use for reference.

We can read it. What subjects drive the works or provide underlying themes? What message are you trying to pass on in your art? People often confuse the three but they actually serve completely different purposes.

Understand how your bio will appear and omit or include this information accordingly so as to ensure consistent formatting and keep clutter to a minimum. You could argue that it is basically the artist biography in list form.

Quotes Can any of the above questions be answered in a brief 1—2 sentencesengaging quotation from the artist? Most submissions to galleries these days are online, like ours, which makes worrying about how your statement looks a no-brainer.

Where have you previously lived and where do you currently live? An artist bio is often the first piece of information available to readers and collectors, and as such it offers you a chance to frame their practice and give collectors a reason to want to learn more.

What exhibitions did you participate in? Agora Gallery, for example, often helps artists edit their statements. Balance your content in any way you need to.

Writing Samples by Renee Phillips – Artist’s Biographies

Visit artist websites or consult a stash of old gallery cards to get ideas for what to write. Poppi says it all without you saying a thing.The post How to Write an Artist CV in 10 Steps is the most popular in the history of The Practical Art World.

Adding a very brief bio / artist statement can be good if you would like to talk about experiences which don’t fit into the rest of the CV. How to Create your Artist Packet to Assure % Gallery Submission AcceptanceArtailer.

If you are trying to write an artist’s bio or statement, have a look through them; they will help you sort out what kind of text will suit you. Pay attention to which ones engage you, which ones satisfy your wish to know something about each artist, which ones add to your appreciation of the art.

Since Artsy’s partners can now add their own artist bios, we decided to take this opportunity to invite Jessica Backus, the Director of Artsy Learning and The Art Genome Project, to share some insights into what makes for a compelling bio and how to eloquently summarize an artist’s practice in words.

Dec 06,  · How to Get Your Art Submission Ready. In this Article: Creating Your Portfolio Putting Together Your Artist Resume Writing Your Artist Statement and Proposal Submitting and Following up Community Q&A Having your art shown at a gallery or a public space can be an exciting experience, especially if you are just starting your art career%(2).

Figueroa’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Puerto Rico and the U.S., including “Dreams and Visions: The Artist Perspective”, and Color Show at Spring Studios Art Gallery, Houston, TX.

One of her paintings was featured at the Houston Fine Arts Festival. Group exhibition, Vancouver Art Gallery (forthcoming) Do you possibly have another useful blog like this about writing artists bio’s by any chance?! Reply. thepracticalartworld says: October 24, at PM I started out as a fine artist in the 80’s.

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How to write an artist bio for a gallery of fine
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