Ernest everett just

Ernest Everett Just

The University of Chicagowhere Just Ernest everett just his PhD in zoology, inand Dartmouth Collegewhere he received his undergraduate degree. In his first paper, Just demonstrated that the sperm entrance point is critical in determining the line of cleavage of the egg. While on the island, Mary Just became a highly respected leader of the community and convinced a number of residents on the island to purchase land and start their own community.

He was intimately familiar Ernest everett just the natural history and breeding habits of the animals whose eggs he studied, and he strove to apply what he learned about development in natural settings to the laboratory.

What made Just different from his peers was his unflinching willingness to take on giants of biology in his quest— fueled by his conviction about the importance of the cell periphery— to defend the holistic integrity of the developing organism.

An examination of the life and work of E. The town they founded, now incorporated in the West Ashley area Ernest everett just Charleston, was eventually named Maryville in her honor.

Just was popular with the students at Howard. His first paper 5 showed that the sperm entry point determines the first cleavage plane in the egg of the marine annelid Nereis limbata.

His coursework continued in-residence at the University of Chicago. Just provides several insights relevant to us today.

A stamp honoring him was issued; symposia were held in his honor, the most recent at Howard University in ; and, ina special issue of the journal Molecular Reproduction and Development dedicated to Just was published 4.

From the time of the earliest recorded information on his life, Just distinguished himself as an unusually intelligent and talented student and researcher.

Upon graduation inhe had already been elected to the Phi Beta Kappa honors fraternity, was named class valedictorian and was the only member of his class to graduate Magna Cum Laude. The s were a decade of trauma and excitement for Just.

Immediately after graduation from Dartmouth, Just began teaching at Howard University, the premiere U. For the next 20 or so years, Just spent every summer but one at the MBL.

Since then, a number of events have taken place that have brought increased attention to Just: Organicism for the 21st Century. Lilliethe head of the Department of Zoology at the University of Chicago. Just would only need to establish one year of residency in Chicago before formally applying for his Ph.

Just was one of the first African Americans to receive worldwide recognition as a scientist.

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Just died in Washington, D. Inbereft of funding and rejected by many of his American colleagues because of his opposition to their reductionistic views, Just initiated a self-imposed exile in Europe. Due to mounting debt, his mother, Mary Just, moved with her children from Charleston to James Island, a Gullah community off the coast of South Carolina to work in its phosphate mines.

His mother had been very sympathetic in teaching him but after a while, she gave up on him. He moved to Europe and continued his research in Naples, Italy. He found, however, that most American scientists were not concerned with their European counterparts.

Just earned his A. Just and his contributions remain largely unknown to biologists. He was a biologist, zoologist, physiologist and research scientist in the field of physical chemistry.Ernest Everett Just [1] – Biologist At a Glance [2] Won First Spingarn Medal From NAACP [3] Obtained His Ph.D.

– Ernest Just was an internationally acknowledged authority in the fields of fertilization and egg development. A true scientist’s scientist, he devoted his life to expanding the bounds of knowledge and understanding. Campus Way North • Mitchellville, MD • Phone For almost 40 years after the end of World War II, the work of Ernest Everett Just, an African-American biologist known for his studies of fertilization and early development in marine invertebrates, lay forgotten, buried in the scientific literature.

Scientist. He was a biologist, zoologist, physiologist and research scientist in the field of physical chemistry. Also a founder of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity at Howard University (November 17, ). He pioneered the fields of biology and chemistry at a time when it Place Of Birth: Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina, USA.

Ernest Just was born on August 14, in Charleston, South Carolina. His mother worked as a school teacher and his father, a dock worker, died when Ernest was only four years old, forcing him to have to work in the fields after school each day.

Ernest everett just
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